We'll schedule an initial one-hour consult to discuss your project, your intended vision, your overall goals and desired outcome. We will provide our professional recommendations and creative ideas during the meeting and a detailed design report will be sent to be used as a foundation for your project. 


Color Report

Out team gets to work immediately to build a customized color based report to include all color names, numbers, finishes, etc. that best suit your specific project needs. 


Final Selection

Using the color report set and our discussion notes during your consult, you can test your selected colors using sample sized swatches, painting small areas of each space in order to determine how to best proceed. If a follow up appointment is needed, we will schedule one with you. 

The Color Consult 


Color is at the foundation of everything we do in the world of design. Color selection can be complicated, there are a lot of factors to consider. Let us help you get it right. 

Abstract Painting

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