• Joshua Allen Design Team

Sterling & Maple featuring Artslily Studio: Q&A

We at Joshua Allen Design love working with other small businesses whenever we can! Supporting other business owners who share like-minded goals is one small step we can take toward a positive and enduring future for our community.

If you haven't already heard, we have our own decor and home furnishing line: Sterling & Maple! These handcrafted and hand-selected pieces range from a variety of refinished furniture to home decor and art pieces. We are proud to partner with Artslily Studio to feature her beautifully hand drawn and painted artwork & greeting cards! Come check us out, and find Artslily Studio's pieces, at our Sterling & Maple retail store—we're currently located in Sterling, MA, as part of the collection of shops at “Oh My Gosh” Antiques and Collectibles.

Tracey Fitzpatrick, owner and sole artist behind Artslily Studio, is an amazing local artist who resides in Townsend, MA. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated artist partnering with our team to create custom pieces just for you! We spent some time picking Tracey's brain about her business, techniques, and goals for her studio.

1. When did you start Artslily?

I officially started Artslily in September 2019.

2. Is the name Artslily sentimental? Why did you choose it?

Yes! I chose that name because the "lily" in Artslily is my daughter's name. She likes to draw and paint with me, so it has become more than just a hobby or business.

3. Have you always been an artist, or did you start later in life?

I don't really consider myself an artist but I would say that I have always enjoyed drawing and I am happy that I have come back to it with more of a focus at this point in my life.

4. Who is someone that inspires you (dead or alive)?

From purely a technique and technical aspect, Lisa Lachri from Lachri Fine Arts provides a lot of great information, advice, and coaching for artists of all talent levels. She inspires me to want to get to the "next level" and improve my artistic skills. On the other hand, my family provides me the motivation to want to create. Having support from those that are close will naturally inspire a person to want to succeed. I would also say that seeing your 5 year old daughter gasp in awe at a drawing you created (regardless of whether you think it is good or bad) is the best inspiration!

5. What words best describe Artslily? Hand-drawn and painted artwork - detailed, colorful, realistic.

6. Has your artistic style changed over time?

I think I have always strived to achieve the effect of realism and improving my skills over time has allowed me to become closer to that goal.

7. What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

I have worked at a biopharmaceutical company full time since graduating college.

8. What role does the artist have in society?

For me, the ability to freely create based on my thoughts (conscious or subconscious), emotions, memories, and interests provide an outlet of expression that others can connect with and potentially develop their own opinions or ideas. This can be a very powerful experience.