• Joshua Allen Design Team

Sterling & Maple featuring Page 1 Rewrite: Q&A

When we started Joshua Allen Design, we knew it was important to partner with other small businesses like ours whenever possible! We truly believe that supporting each other is one small step we can take toward a positive and enduring future for our community.

Sterling & Maple is Joshua Allen Design’s handcrafted and hand-selected home furnishing line, and we are proud to partner with Page 1 Rewrite to feature hand crafted furniture and décor items! Our Sterling & Maple retail store is located in Sterling, MA, as part of the collection at “Oh My Gosh” Antiques and Collectibles.

Page 1 Rewrite is a wonderful custom furniture refinishing and home décor business owned by a dear friend, Robin Ryan! Robin, who also owns Robin Falk Photography, is the person we call for all of our custom refinishing needs.

We are so lucky to work with a wonderfully creative and down to earth business owner like Robin! We sat down to chat about her unique talent and business.

1. When did you start Page 1 Rewrite?

I started refinishing furniture in the spring of 2019. I had no idea it would become something I truly loved to do.

2. Is the name sentimental? Why did you choose it?

I chose the name Page 1 Rewrite because it was how I felt about each piece of furniture when I brought it home. Some pieces were so beat up and neglected that they were in need of a complete makeover, a page one rewrite. It was more of a joke in the beginning, but the name stuck.

3. What is your main focus for POR?

My main focus is to give these neglected pieces of furniture a chance to shine again and be appreciated in a space in someone’s home. Someone’s trash is definitely my treasure.

4. How did you end up in this type of business?

Well, I grew up with very creative parents. My father built every house I lived in and my mother designed every home. My dad always had an amazing workshop and would bring home scrap wood to burn and I would sneak down to the basement and build tables, chairs and beds for my dolls. But I always hated painting. After we bought our home, I realized I would have to suck it up and start painting again. I realized it wasn’t as bad as I remembered and in fact, quite satisfying. So, I ran with it.

5. What words best describe your company?

Giving facelifts to furniture while my kid naps.

6. Can you describe your customers?

That’s a tough one. Family? Most of my family members buy pieces from me before I have an opportunity to post them for sale. I have just recently started offering my services to refinish pieces for clients. I can’t tell you how many pieces I have purchased from people who have given up ever refinishing it themselves. So I thought, why not offer to do it for them.

7. What is your favorite thing to work on? Furniture? Décor Pieces?

I really like working with any piece of furniture that has intricate details. I love painting over them and then distressing the detail work and have it come to life again.