Contactless QR Enabled Virtual Brochures

Share information about your listing with potential buyers in a safe and completely touch-free way with our QR code enabled brochures. We create the brochure using photos of your listing and provide a fact scan sheet with a QR code linked to your brochure for you to print and bring to your open houses.


Each viewer simply scans the QR code on the sheet with their mobile device or smartphone and they're automatically sent to a brochure of your property, complete with as many photos as you specify and additional information about the home. This cuts down on printing costs as well as surfaces touched, making open houses that much safer for everyone.

Check out one of our digital QR Code Brochures. 

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After we take and edit photos of your property, we get to work creating your digital brochure. Each brochure comes with a printable scan sheet that includes its own individual QR code linked to your digital brochure. We host your brochure on our website so there's no need to worry about any web hosting logistics.



Our team sends you a link to the printable scan sheet we've created for you to bring to open house, as well as a link to the online brochure.



You print the scan sheet and display it at your open house. Visitors simply scan the QR code with their smartphone or other device (no touching required) and they're immediately directed to start viewing your online brochure.

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