Staging Tips & Tricks

Need to stage and looking for some pointers?

Check out our list of professional recommendations to help get your property staged! 

      Exterior Recommendations:

  • Ensure there is a working light bulb in all sockets – warm only

  • Remove all unnecessary items from view (i.e. trash cans, hoses, decor items, yard toys, debris, etc.)

  • Clean all windows

  • Remove all debris and leaves from gardens and lawn

  • Clear driveway/walkways of debris/clutter

    Interior Recommendations:

  • Declutter all rooms; remove all unnecessary items (power cords, charging stations, photos, etc.)

  • Remove all personal photos and obvious sentimental items

  • Raise/open shades, blinds, curtains, etc. in all rooms when showing the property

  • Remove as many carpets/rugs as possible, showcasing the floors

  • Use Quick Shine on all wood floors; use before photos and before open house/viewings

  • Have the entire property professionally cleaned including shades and windows

  • Remove any and all worn or damaged furniture

  • Replace any and all burnt out light bulbs

  • Ensure all lighting in the home is “warm” in color; absolutely no “cool” light bulbs

  • Use large art pieces as focal statements on large, prominent walls

  • All counter and table surfaces should be clear and clean; accessorize as little as possible

  • Ensure all extension cords and power strips are removed or completely out of sight; do not allow more than two plugs in any visible outlet

  • Patch/replace any holes or cracks in the walls, floors, flooring, tile, glass, windows, etc.

  • Go through each room with a magic eraser and erase all scuff marks on trim and walls of the property. Remember: it is not recommended to use magic erasers on laminate cabinets, furniture, flooring, or any other surface not suitable for such cleaning

  • Locate matching paint/trim colors for all rooms and retouch worn, chipped or mismatched paint

  • If your space has glass cabinets, shelving, fixtures, or furniture ensure it is free of dirt, dust, mold, cracks or breaks

  • Ensure there is absolutely no mold, mildew or dirt in any part of the bathroom(s)/kitchen

  • Ensure all cabinets are in working order

  • Remove garbage cans, rugs, toilet cleaners, etc. from sight (if possible) in bathroom(s)/kitchen

  • Ensure sinks are clean and empty

  • Clear all countertops as much as possible

  • Remove all magnets, personal bills/paperwork, calendars, photos, etc. from bathroom(s)/kitchen

Home Staging Statistics

67% of top agents say that home staging helps a seller fetch more money for their house at resale.

Over 50% of agents say that staging increases a home’s value from anywhere between 1%-10%.

83% of agents say that a staged home will sell faster than an unstaged home.

Over 41% of top agents find that vacant homes benefit the most from home staging, which brings personality and life to an empty property.

50% of sellers who pay for home staging spend less than $1,000.

About 75% of real estate agents have provided complimentary 

home staging services to their seller clients.