Our Design & Decorating Process

Our design and decorating process is tailored to you, our client. From day one, we are here for you. Our goal is to take the guess work out of your project while giving you complete control of your timeline, budget, and vision.

We are your first step in any design project, big or small. Not only do we help you identify your style and source your entire project, we also work with YOUR trade professionals to ensure the final goal is achieved. Need contacts? We have them. Have your own? No problem! Our process and role in your project is streamlined and straightforward. 

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Step 1:

Design Consult

We meet with you to discuss your project, your vision, your budget and your goals. We provide professional advice and send an estimate for design services as well as a detailed report of our consult.

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Step 4:

Design Presentation

We schedule a time to present your design to you, either virtually or in-person. We present swatches, floor plans, layouts and other project details and provide you with your own customized client portal on our website. This client portal works as a project database, keeping all details and selections at your fingertips. We can even share this with your trade professionals to ensure concise communication for the duration of your project.

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Step 2:

Design Phase

Once you've approved the estimate, we get to work planning 

and designing your space. We help with everything from color selection and space layout to professional sourcing of lighting and furnishings. Depending on the needs of your project, we will also begin connecting you with trade professionals to ensure a seamless process

Image by John Schnobrich

Step 5:


Once presented with your design, you have access to all of your project details and information, including direct shopping links to your favorite retailers and vendors. These direct links provide confidence in transparent shopping and the ability to purchase items at your own pace, taking control of the timeline and budget of the project. 

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Step 3:

Digital Design

Once the details of your project are determined and planned, we begin digitally designing your space. Depending on the needs of your project, we plan your space, create digital floor plans, 3D renders, virtual walk-throughs and elevation drawings. 

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Step 6:

Design Install

Once all items and materials have been ordered, you are able to use the project specific information within your client portal to begin the install phase, either with us for decorating services or with trade professionals for larger projects, effortlessly bringing your space to life!