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Based in the quaint town of Sterling Massachusetts, we at Joshua Allen Design combine transitional style with a modern twist and a uniquely New England flair. Covering all of your interior design and real estate needs, we bring a friendly, approachable and sincere attitude to the design process. We believe that listening, understanding and building strong relationships with our clients take priority. Our goal is to design innovative, functional, and beautiful spaces for each individual client with options that work within any budget. With a full warehouse of inventory, professional expertise in the world of design and a passion for bringing your vision to life, we are fully committed to each and every project, for each and every client, each and every day!

Meet Our Team

Joshua Allen Halterman

Founder/Owner & Lead Designer

Since I can remember, I have enjoyed art and design in all forms; from freehand art to interior design, and everything in between. My professional background in visual and graphic design has trained me to be innovative and forward thinking in my design techniques while maintaining an organized, creative mindset. I have a natural ability to openly communicate with clients in order to bring their unique vision to life and take pride in my ability to exceed expectations.


My clients trust me with their projects and know that I will be there to assist them every step of the way. In this fast-paced, immediate, and results-driven market, I understand that simply creating "nice looking" spaces isn’t enough. That’s why I make sure that the projects we design are practical, affordable and beautiful. Take a look at this site, view our gallery and get in touch with us today!


Interior Design +

Photography Certified

Erica Titus

Marketing Coordinator

Erica graduated from Fitchburg State University in the summer of 2019 with a degree in Communications Media with a concentration in Graphic Design. She joined the Joshua Allen Design team as a marketing intern and joined us as our Marketing Coordinator + photographer after graduation. Passionate about all things art, design, and marketing, her creative spirit, exceptional attention to detail, and communication skills make her a valuable asset to the team.


Photography Certified

Josh Huehls

Property Stager + Warehouse Coordinator

Since joining the Joshua Allen Design family Josh has brought boundless creativity and ideas to the table! He assists in staging operations and coordinates all that happens in our warehouse! He has helped us make some awesome upgrades to warehouse life for our team, from implementing new processes to more detailed organization systems. In his free time Josh loves traveling and adventuring, having been on many trips with friends and even studied abroad during college! 

Kara F. McCarthy

Social Outreach & Design Consultant

Kara joined the Joshua Allen Design team in the fall of 2019. She has a degree in Communications Media with a concentration in Professional Communications from Fitchburg State University, and a natural talent for imagining and reinventing interesting spaces. She works with the Joshua Allen Design team engaging followers on our social media platforms, penning interior design focused blog articles, and assisting in driving innovation for the brand.

David DeLise

Multimedia Consultant

David joined the Joshua Allen Design team in the spring of 2020 as a Design Intern, and has since graduated with a degree in Communications Media with a concentration in Graphic Design from Fitchburg State University. His knowledge in communications, media, art and design shines through in many of our graphics, videos, and other brand communications. David has a passion for the arts; in his free time he loves to draw and create, and he's also a musician! We're so happy to have him on board!

Mr. Jack, Rajah & Henry

Quality Assurance Team

These three guys have a keen eye for design and are motivated primarily by treats and mid-day walks. They are incredible guest greeters for our office visitors and are big fans of our work. You can sometimes catch them on our social media feeds, and they love contributing to all of our projects! 

Our Community

Homes for our Troops

Homes For Our Troops is a nonprofit organization that builds and donates specially adapted custom homes nationwide for severely injured post - 9/11 Veterans, to enable them to rebuild their lives.

Total Raised Since December 2019:


Elton John Aids Foundation


We at Joshua Allen Design are proudly partnered with the Elton John Aids Foundation and pledge to donate a monthly percentage of all consult related proceeds to assist them in their fight to end the global HIV epidemic. 

Total Raised Since January 2020:


Fitchburg State University

The Communications Media department at FSU offers students an internship experience to prepare them to enter the competitive workforce. We are proud to be an internship site where students can gain valuable real world experience. 

Intern Opportunities Provided Since Fall 2019:


Page 1 Rewrite

Page 1 Rewrite is our go-to for any of our custom furniture refinishing needs. The company is owned by a good friend of ours, Robin Ryan who also owns and runs a photo studio, Robin Falk Photography. Robin is a creative mastermind with endless design skills. You can find her custom décor and furniture pieces at our Sterling & Maple shop in Sterling, MA.

Years Partnering Together:

1 Year

Artslily Studio

Artslily Studio is proudly owned by a local and incredible artist and friend, Tracey Fitzpatrick. Tracey hand draws every piece of art she creates for her studio and works in a variety of media. She has a very unique style that makes her work stand out, and we love it! Her custom art pieces (cards, paintings, prints, etc.) can be found at our Sterling & Maple shop in Sterling, MA.

Years Partnering Together:

1 Year

East Hill Designs, Inc. 

Kathie Dunn, owner of East Hill Designs is an incredible kitchen & cabinet designer. East Hill Designs is our go-to partner for our clients' kitchen, bath & cabinet needs! 

Years Partnering Together:

1 Year


We at Joshua Allen Design believe that partnering with others both locally and globally is one small step to creating a positive and enduring future for our community as a whole. We proudly support local businesses, charitable foundations and local educational institutes. Giving back and supporting others is a core value of our business and working with us provides a platform for you to support and give back as well! We sincerely thank you for your business!


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