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Your Design Team

Based in the quaint town of Sterling Massachusetts, we at Joshua Allen Design combine transitional style with a modern twist and a unique New England flair. Covering all of your interior design and property marketing needs, we bring a friendly, approachable and sincere attitude to the design process. We believe that listening, understanding and building strong relationships with our clients take priority. Our goal is to design innovative, functional, and beautiful spaces for each individual client with options that work within any budget. With a full warehouse of inventory, professional expertise in the world of design & property marketing and a passion for bringing your vision to life, we are fully committed to each and every project, for each and every client, each and every day!

Our Mission

To provide innovative, functional, and aesthetically pleasing interior designs that are as unique as the individuals living in them with choices that work within any budget and timeframe.

- the Joshua Allen Design Team

Meet Your Team


Joshua Allen Halterman

Owner / Interior Designer


Amanda Cabral

Lead Interior Designer


Josh Huehls

Operations Manager


Erica Titus

Marketing Manager


Daniela Wholey

Social Media Strategist


Carol Ann Gjeltema

Office Administrator


Kara McCarthy

Interior Designer