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6 Interior Design Elements You Should Try Before You Buy (+ Tips on How To Test Before You Invest!)

Updated: 7 days ago

Our interior design experts chat about the 5 easiest and best elements of interior design to try out and test before you purchase or invest.

We all want our homes to look beautiful and inviting, but it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to interior design. Instead of jumping straight into buying furniture and accessories that you might later regret, why not try out these "try-before-you-buy" interior design elements!?

#1 - Paint Colors

Any designer worth their salt knows the easiest and most cost-effective way to transform a space is with a fresh coat of paint. Many hardware stores offer free paint swatches and small cans of paint for purchase. Take the time to experiment with a few different colors and finishes to find the perfect one for the room. You can even buy a few sample pots and test them out on a small area of wall before committing to a whole room.

#2 - Layout / Floor Plan

A well-thought-out layout can make all the difference when it comes to interior design. Before you start buying furniture, take a few minutes to plan out how you want the space to look. Try drawing up a few different floor plans and see which one feels best.

#3 - Hardware

Before ordering cabinetry hardware for your entire kitchen, bathroom, or built in storage, it is a good idea to order one of each knob or pull you are deciding on. That way, you can try it out and see how it fits with everything else in your space before committing.

#4 - Textures, Materials & Textiles

Textiles add warmth and texture to a room, so it’s important to get the right ones. There are many stores that offer fabric samples of items they sell. Check online to see if you are able to receive a free sample of the fabric prior to purchasing your items. Whether it’s curtains, rugs, or cushions, make sure to try out a few different materials and colors before settling on one. This will help you create a space that feels inviting and comfortable.

#5 - Furniture

Depending on the furniture's purpose, most furniture should be tested prior to your purchase. If possible, visiting the showroom or store you plan to purchase furniture from can help eliminate any doubts about comfort or durability.

#6 - Wallpapers

We love using a touch of wallpaper to transform a space! Sometimes it's the perfect touch of texture and elegance to complete a room, but it can be hard to choose the right design. Many companies offer free samples of their wallpapers. Similar to paint, wallpaper colors can look different in your space under different lighting, and it is a good idea to see the paper in your room prior to ordering a large amount.


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