• Joshua Allen Design Team

A Beachfront Redesign in York, Maine!

Last year we teamed up with one of our favorite contractors to reimagine and redesign an outdated beach home! The home reflected a 1950’s, closed off and totally outdated floor plan and being that this property is right on the ocean we decided with our clients that we wanted to change this to an open airy feeling! We wanted to transform this forgotten old home into a gorgeous York Beach destination!

We started the design process when the house was down to the studs, and this was really cool because we got the chance to reimagine the entire space by creating a completely new floor plan for our clients! We got to make choices like fixtures and finishes, but also some like moving windows, and we even got to move the placement of a staircase — to make room for ocean views of course! We also worked with the clients to decide the style of the interior, and we absolutely LOVE the outcome! The main focus in this project was incorporating the beach and coastal vibe into the home, so we decided on a coastal theme because the beach is right across the street. The floor plan took a little finesse but we were able to bring it all together quickly once we figured out the orientation of the kitchen and how the floor-to-ceiling windows would open to the deck facing the beach. This was one of our most challenging yet totally rewarding floor plan projects to date, but (like always) the design phase was by far the most exciting part of bringing this space to life! Our three favorite parts of the design process were: