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Dear Josh: My partner and I don't agree on an interior design vision. How can we compromise?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Dear Josh is our monthly interior design column driven by questions from our clients and followers! To submit your own question to us, click here.

This is such a perfect question to kick off the Dear Josh series—and truthfully it's a question that came from Josh's own husband Dustin. He wanted to have a laugh with our marketing department, but his mind was in the right place. Interior designers get asked about this a lot. In fact often it's the reason clients pick up the phone to call us in the first place. Two different people have different visions, ideas, and opinions when it comes to their now shared living space. As interior designers, here are some of our tips on how to find compromise with your partner when your interior design aesthetics seem to clash:

Start by talking about your individual styles. Lay all your cards on the table. Use pictures, mood boards, and color samples to help you visually describe your style to each other. Ask questions like: What do you each love about your own style? What are your priorities for the space? Once you have a better understanding of each other's preferences, you can start to look for ways they can be blended.

Look for common ground. We know this can be tricky, but like we said before using visuals (browse our Pinterest for inspiration) can help. Are there any elements of your styles that overlap? For example, if you both love neutral colors, you could start there and then add in pieces with coordinating colors and styles that you each like.

Choose a neutral color palette. Neutral colors are a great way to create a cohesive look, even if your styles are different. You can then add in moments of color with your accessories and furniture. These are able to be changed out or rotated easier than the whole color palette, allowing for more room to compromise.

Focus on function over form. When you're trying to find common ground over interior aesthetics, it's important to keep in mind that the home needs to be functional for both of you. Never ever sacrifice function for style!

Be willing to compromise. No two people will have the exact same taste, so it's important to be up for compromise. This may mean giving up on some of your favorite things, but it's worth it to create a home that you both love and are comfortable in.

Get professional help. If you're really struggling to find a compromise, you could always fall back on the help of an interior designer. ☺️ We have the expert knowledge to help you blend your styles together (no matter how different) and create a space that you both love.

Bonus pro tips:

  • Choose a focal point for each room and let that dictate the style of the space. For example, if you both love mid-century modern furniture, you could make the fireplace the focal point of the living room and decorate around it with mid-century modern pieces.

  • Use decor and accessories to add personality to the space, and keep larger pieces neutral. This is a great way to incorporate your individual styles without overwhelming a room.

  • Don't be afraid to mix and match styles. Just because you have two different styles doesn't mean you can't mix them together, this is actually how you create a personalized and uniquely curated space. Just be sure to choose pieces that complement each other and create a cohesive look!

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