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Designer Finds: Thanksgiving Table Edition

Thanksgiving is coming up fast! That’s right, we said it. If you’re not ready yet, then you’re not alone… With everything that this year has thrown at us, it’s tough to imagine that we’re only a few short months away from a new one (2021, here we come!) But here we are, a little more than a week from the Thanksgiving holiday and the question remains; how are we decorating for this year’s celebration, if we’re among those who are planning a covid-safe get together? If you caught last week's Coffee Break episode on YouTube (if you didn't see it yet, you can find it here) then you'll already know our favorite tips for creating a perfect table scape, but today we’re sharing some of our favorite seasonal finds — and we're sharing links too so they're totally shoppable — to help get your homes ready for this Thanksgiving!

First up, let's set the basics with a table runner. We always believe in runners rather than table cloths, if possible, because we think that beautiful hardwood table top deserves a chance to shine! Our favorite this season is from Crate & Barrel and can be found here. Its neutral tone and slight texture make the perfect base layer for creating your table top décor masterpiece!

Another of this season's must-haves are these ceramic pumpkins! We absolutely love their neutral toned orange color, it pairs seamlessly with all this season's warm fall tones (think: pale creams, burnt yellows, browns, and deep reds). Let's be honest they're super adorable!

Whipping up some delicious appetizers, but have nothing stylish to serve them on? We're on it! This charming set of 12 appetizer plates has you covered, with whimsical fall foliage-inspired patterns in blush, persimmon, forest green and ochre — all colors we love this season! They also come with a gorgeous golden stand, and are even on sale!

Looking for a flatware update? We thought you might be! This elegant and modern flatware set from Wayfair will have you eager to set the table. It comes in three color options but we think gold brings the best touch of warmth to your holiday table setting.

A staple when you're creating a fall table scape are taper candles. This set of three simple black texturized holders are the perfect touch of modern sophistication, and they're our favorites this season. Adding taper candles brings elegance to your table and adds a flicker of warmth that'll be welcomed once the weather turns chilly.

Serve up salad AND style with this acacia wooden serving bowl. Is it just us, or do you guys all love a good wooden serving set too?! The wood tones add warmth and texture to your table, and we just love the bowl's curvy edge. Bonus points for being functional and fashionable!

Add a pop of bright fall yellow (or a ton of other fall color options) to your setup with these dinner linens. Their neutral-texture-meets-bright-color style is perfect to make a statement and they'll be sure to add a vibrant touch to your table.

And last but certainly not least, finish off your designer table with garland! We absolutely love this one — its warm red and brown leafy tones give the perfect fall vibe and will match seamlessly with the rest of your table!

And now your Thanksgiving table should be totally decked out! We absolutely loved finding our seasonal favorites to share with you guys and hope you have just as much fun shopping for them as we did sourcing them! Don't forget to tag us in all your Thanksgiving table creations, and stay tuned for a winter holiday edition!


As always, we appreciate any ideas, input, and feedback from our community and clients. So drop us a line in the comments below, chat with us on our Facebook page or email us at!

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