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Take Your Accent Wall To The Next Level

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Making a statement in your home comes in many forms, but an accent wall can really take a room up a notch. This can be a great option if you want a change in your home without undergoing a complete transformation. Consider some of these suggestions for an interior refresh you won’t regret.

Try A New Color

If you want to really commit to changing things up, you could always paint one wall a bolder, brighter color than the rest (or vice versa). If a color isn’t doing it for you, try a wallpaper instead. While you could go completely different from the rest of the room, bolder doesn’t have to mean inconsistent. Tie in the accent wall with the color palette already in place for a sleek look.

Texturize It

Wall textures are very trendy this year. Experiment with one yourself by trying it out as an accent wall. There are many different types—it’s all about doing the research and letting your DIY-savvy side shine. Be sure to practice on something less permanent before trying it on the wall, though.

Go Natural

Reclaimed wood is making its mark on the interior design world. Everywhere you look, people seem to be taking a more minimalist approach to decor, and what’s right outside our doors is coming inside as well. Get on board with this trend, which doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Accent walls are fun and can be as unique as you! Experiment with some different things or just feel out what you like. A great way of doing this is taking pictures of things you see that spark joy. Maybe its a hotel lobby or an office building. Inspiration is everywhere, now have fun!!

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