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How is JAD Different?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Choosing an interior designer can be difficult. There are times when you might even question whether it's really necessary to have a designer helping with your project at all! Having an interior designer is just as important as hiring an electrician or plumber. (We actually wrote a post detailing exactly why we believe interior designers are just as important as plumbers, electricians, and other tradesmen.) Just like you wouldn't try electrical work without guidance, you should at least consult with a designer before you start a refresh or renovation. Once you've made (the right 😉) choice to work with a designer, finding one that's a good fit for you is the next step. We understand there are plenty of designers to choose from, but here are a few advantages you can expect when working with us:

We source multiple options for every space. As the client, this puts you in the driver's seat. We learn your style, "narrow down the internet" for you, and present two completed source lists so you can choose your favorite. Whether one fits your budget better, the other fits your tastes better, or maybe you like elements from each — it's your space, so we make sure you get the final say!

Our user friendly client portal, easily found right on our website. Using login credentials provided by us, clients can safely and securely access their digital renders, floor plans, furniture selections, and all other curated project-specific info right at their fingertips! All of the items and materials that our design team has selected and presented (including selections from both design options, clearly labeled) are displayed in this easy to navigate portal with each object's price, quantity, measurements, and the direct links so clients can click-to-buy at their own pace and convenience.

We're there with our clients all the way through their project. Our relationship doesn't have to end with the design presentation! Your project manager and design team are just a quick email or call away and will happily answer questions from contractors and clients alike, assisting with on the spot design related decisions and making sure that the project is on schedule, on budget, and running as smoothly and stress-free as possible.


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