• Joshua Allen Design Team

How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Living Space

With summer right around the corner and everyone sprucing up their homes these days, what better time than now to think about adding living space to your home? Don’t worry, we don’t mean building an addition; we mean furnishing & decorating your existing patio, balcony, or deck so that it functions as additional (outdoor) living space! We love designing outdoor spaces, so we’ve gathered up some of our best tips for you to use to bring your outdoor space to life!

Photo: luxxu.net

Create a sitting and/or dining area. Creating a conversation space, dining, or sitting area is so easy, and it’s pretty much essential for any functional outdoor living space. Decide how you’ll use your outdoor space, whether for eating, entertaining (pandemic-safely of course) outdoor lounging, or a combination of all three! Once you make this decision there’s a world of patio furniture at your fingertips online, in home improvement stores, and even in designated patio furniture stores. Just be sure you have a consistent color scheme and style in mind, this way no matter which furnishings you’ve got, everything flows together!