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How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

With summer right around the corner and everyone sprucing up their homes these days, what better time than now to think about adding living space to your home? Don’t worry, we don’t mean building an addition; we mean furnishing & decorating your existing patio, balcony, or deck so that it functions as additional (outdoor) living space! We love designing outdoor spaces, so we’ve gathered up some of our best tips for you to use to bring your outdoor space to life!


Create a sitting and/or dining area. Creating a conversation space, dining, or sitting area is so easy, and it’s pretty much essential for any functional outdoor living space. Decide how you’ll use your outdoor space, whether for eating, entertaining (pandemic-safely of course) outdoor lounging, or a combination of all three! Once you make this decision there’s a world of patio furniture at your fingertips online, in home improvement stores, and even in designated patio furniture stores. Just be sure you have a consistent color scheme and style in mind, this way no matter which furnishings you’ve got, everything flows together!

Create a garden. Gardening makes for a great relaxing hobby, and greenery makes for excellent outdoor decor! Whether you’re an award winning green thumb, or if you’ve never kept a plant in your life, your patio/deck space is a great place to try your hand at small scale gardening. You can buy or build deck planters, hanging planters, and even wall planters — the options are virtually endless! Just make sure that when you’re plant or seed shopping you take into consideration how much light your new plant friend will need to thrive, and which season it’ll grow best in.

Build (or buy) a fire pit. There’s seriously no better way to bring family together in the warmer months than by sitting around a warm fire telling stories and roasting marshmallows, fruits, meats, and even cheeses (or, if you’re a true kid at heart, try roasting starburst candies… give it a shot, it’s really sweet!) Adding a custom fire pit to your patio, or a store-bought fire pit to your deck, creates a focal point for guests or family to sit around. Trust us, you’ll love it!

Prioritize outdoor lighting. Hanging out outdoors is fun during the day but even better at night, just make sure you bring the bug spray! Lighting can totally change the game, and this goes for both interior and exterior spaces. Adding beautiful and unique outdoor lighting to your patio space can really spice up the whole area, and there are plenty of options to suit everyone’s style and taste!

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Another thing we love about patios is the chance to dress them up with interesting decor you wouldn’t otherwise try indoors. A great example of exactly what we mean are whimsically patterned tiles. If you’re bored with the normal wood or stone you’ve got, change things up with some new tile. Choose something dramatic and artistic and it’ll surely be a conversation piece at your next outdoor gathering.


Splurge on a pergola. If you're really looking for ways to change up your outdoor space, we love the way a pergola defines an area. It also creates tons of privacy if you hang screens or drapes. Decorate your pergola with hanging flowers, greens, even strings of lights, and it becomes the perfect outdoor getaway spot!

In the warmer months when the weather is perfect for relaxing outdoors, having an outdoor entertaining space, even just for family and close friends, can help facilitate some unforgettable summer memories. Give our suggestions a try and let us know how things worked out! And remember, if you’re ever stuck or need help bringing your patio, deck, or balcony (or any other space in your home) to life, give Joshua Allen Design a call! We’d love to help!


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