• Joshua Allen Design Team

Interior Design In Your Antique Historic New England Home

We love living in New England! There. We said it. We mean it too, just don't ask us again in the middle of a blizzard. On a serious note, one of the greatest things about living in New England is the history here, and the fact that a lot of our homes are packed with history as well! We at Joshua Allen Design absolutely love designing and decorating in historic interiors (with a modern twist of course) and today we want to pass along some of our favorite tips for updating, refreshing and modernizing your historic home without losing any of those lovely period-specific details that make it so unique!

First things first, scrub away the dirt! Older homes have a tendency to collect dust and dirt so it’s important to clean up all those hard to get spots where dirt accumulates to make your home shine its brightest.

Next up is repainting! Repainting can have a huge impact in any space, especially one that hasn’t been painted in a while. We love the way a good coat of new paint can completely transform a space, and this is certainly the case for historic homes as well! If you want to keep things classic, Benjamin Moore has some awesome historically accurate color palettes to choose from, and if you want to switch it up there are plenty of modern & trendy choices available as well.

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Let that vintage trim be! We know it’s tempting to whitewash or replace old trim work that seems damaged or tattered but if you can save it, definitely try to! Vintage or ornate trim can sometimes be one of the coolest features in an antique home, so if you can keep it without too much stress or effort, we say go for it!