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Interior Design Report: Crittall Style

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Windows, mirrors, and doors oh my! The options for using Crittall-style in your home are endless! It's the latest trend that can transform a variety of home features into something truly unique and amazing. What is Crittall-style, you ask? We’re here to tell you all about it!

What we in the interior design world refer to as “Crittall-style" windows/frames are steel frames that are usually black. The name comes from the company that produces these steel framed windows and frames, and their name has become associated with metal windows in general, which are now produced by many other companies. This style of window and frame was first manufactured back in 1884, so it is absolutely crazy that the in the year 2021 they've made a comeback — but it’s not surprising. This year we’ve seen a rise in matte black finishes which go perfectly together with the typical black color of Crittall-style windows and frames. We’ve also seen an uptick in the industrial style design elements in homes — another perfect reason why Crittall is making a comeback! With their dark metal look, they blend well with other industrial elements. In this blog, we discuss different ways to implement the Crittall-style into your own home.

These windows and frames have the ability to completely transform a space. When a space is designed to implement Crittall-style, it will bring a more modern and cool feel while opening up the space and optimizing the chances of more light. Crittall-style windows are great for framing courtyards, gardens and rear extensions creating a seamless transition between inside and out. People love feeling like they're outdoors while being indoors. Windows are always the best way to make a room look bigger than it actually is and the Crittall-style plays off and enhances that idea. We’ve even seen some designers and builders using this style in bathrooms as shower doors! This application can transform that whole space and bring an industrial vibe in, plus it makes for some really cool shower doors!

Another really awesome way to use the Crittall-style in your home is with mirrors. We think that the crittall mirrors are so gorgeous. In a small space, a mirror that looks like an actual window cheats the eye into thinking that you’re looking out of the room, beyond the existing wall space. Mirrors, as we know, are also one of the best tools available for bringing light into a space (other than actual windows) and reflecting that light around to make the room feel larger. This trick is brilliant if your home has thin hallways or smaller spaces you want to enlarge. We love this style and we love seeing it!

Crittall-style doors are another subtle and excellent way to add an elegant, sleek look to any space. These minimalist-inspired doors have the ability of providing a sort of cohesion between old and new areas of the house. They also do a great job at offering a versatile open-plan living space by combining rooms. For example, using Crittall-style doors to separate the living room and bedroom within a studio apartment helps create an illusion of more open space. Replacing a hallway wall with a Crittall-style door works well in smaller properties by enhancing light while maintaining separation.

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