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Interior Design Trends To Try in 2022

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

As soon as a new year begins, it feels like everyone is jumping to adopt a new home design trend. In the past decade, trends like Millennial pink and terrazzo were pushed by online influencers and adopted by homeowners, only to fade out of favor.

But we’re wiser now, right? The truth is, every year brings a handful of design fads but also innovative ideas that are sure to stick around for a while. So let’s look at what’s new for 2022 and how you can make the best use of these predicted trends in your own home.

Sustainability and Natural Elements

There’s no denying it that the future of home design is going green. If you haven’t considered it already, taking an eco-friendly approach to your home’s design can make a difference for both your household and the planet. Whether it’s incorporating more plants and natural greenery in your living spaces, swapping out heavy furniture for rattan or bamboo pieces, or upgrading your appliances to energy-efficient models, there are many ways to make your home’s design more sustainable. Here are a few other suggestions to help you go green in your home.

Green and blue may feel like bold colors to use in your interior spaces, and using color correctly is a delicate balance. But instead of filling the room floor to ceiling with one color, opt for one or two green or blue elements, such as a sofa or an accent wall, in a subdued shade. You can also work natural green decorative pieces like plants and flowers into your design; combine these two tips and you’ll give your room a calming effect inspired by the soothing properties of nature.

Letting in sunlight is one of the best ways to make your interior spaces feel more connected to nature. Replace heavy window treatments with breezy, light-colored fabrics like linen, and remember to keep blinds up and drapes drawn during the brightest part of the day. Doing so can also reduce energy costs, as you won’t need to keep as many lights on throughout your home in the daytime.


Wallpaper is officially back in! No, not the bold retro-patterned kind. Wallpaper has come a long way since its heyday in the 1960s and 1970s, and its versatility makes it an amazing tool for transforming a space relatively quickly and easily. Several companies offer more durable and high-quality wallpaper options than the varieties available in years past. To get the most out of using wallpaper in your home, try these tips.

Don’t fall victim to fads

It can be easy to go overboard with wallpaper if you’re not careful with your choice of color and pattern. One of the main reasons wallpaper fell out of fashion in the first place was because of how bright and ornate popular styles tended to be. This is not to say you should shy away from a bold color or pattern, just that the wallpaper should highlight or tie elements of the room together, not overwhelm it.

Wallpaper can be an amazing addition to a living space, a bedroom, or even a bathroom. However, it’s best to avoid wallpapering rooms that might suffer from a lot of humidity or extra wear and tear, such as a full bath with a shower or children's play rooms.

Multifunctional Rooms

COVID-19 has affected just about every aspect of our daily lives, including the way we think about home design. Experts predict that increased interest in spaces like home offices, home gyms, and family entertainment rooms will continue to rise this year. Thankfully, innovation is meeting that need, so homeowners aren’t necessarily forced to pay for an expensive additions or add-on. Here’s are just a few ways you can make the multifunctional-room trend work for your home.

Consider what works well together

It’s not practical to turn every room in your home into a multipurpose space. What types of activities does your family do that feel natural combining into one space? For example, an office-playroom hybrid is likely a recipe for disaster, but a gym-playroom has great potential. Consider which elements of your life can work well together in the same area before completely overhauling your rooms, and then think critically about how you’ll arrange these rooms to your benefit. Create subtle separation by incorporating rugs, differently-colored walls, and distinct furniture for each part of the space, so it’s clear which areas are for each activity.

Multifunctional furniture isn’t only for small-space decorating; it’s actually a great choice for any space, big or small, that you want to get more use out of. A sectional L-sofa can be a great piece for a family entertainment area or living room that needs to double as a hosting space. Simply remove any pieces that aren’t needed to create more surface area for walking around and mingling. Also, a folding or expandable desk can help save space in an office or a home-school room, allowing them to be used for other activities during off-hours.

Back to Basics

2022 is predicted to continue the Marie-Kondo-inspired trend of filling your home only with the things that serve you. It’s a trend that many have already embraced, but if you have yet to jump on the organization bandwagon, this might be the year to give it a try. Below are a few suggestions to get you started.

Reduce and reuse

Take a cue from the “reduce, reuse, recycle” slogan, and reduce the things you don’t need in your home. Also, consider what you can repurpose. It can help to start with the rooms that tend to be most cluttered, such as your basement, kitchen, and bathrooms, and take stock of your belongings piece by piece. Immediately remove any expired food and medications, dispose of them accordingly, and then separate anything left over into keep, donate, and repurpose piles.

Embrace minimalism

The minimalist design aesthetic isn’t for everyone, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of furniture or decor in your spaces, it could be a good time to pare down your design. Walk through your rooms, and pay attention to anything impeding the natural flow or view, such as a window that’s overcrowded with plants or awkwardly positioned furniture. Remove or rearrange pieces until the room feels less cluttered.

Would you consider bringing any of these trends into your space? If you are interested but aren't sure exactly how it would play out within your home, JAD is here to help! Set up a consultation with us today so we can help you plan it out.

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