• mfahey34

Our Interior Design Style (The JAD Style)

Buckle up everyone! Today’s topic is one we’ve been excited to share with you all. As we know, every interior designer has their own unique style, favorite themes and pieces, and a certain aesthetic that represents them. Each client, too, is different and has a certain aesthetic that appeals to them. Merging the two is what we, as interior designers, do every single day! That being said, we do have a unique style that’s completely ours and completely Joshua Allen Design!

When asked “What is the style that your designers bring to the table?” Our answer is complex. Joshua Allen Design definitely has a flair for the modern and we always try to put what we call a New England twist on each design project. We are based in central Massachusetts, so we get to work a lot with antique and historic homes (which we absolutely LOVE doing). To define our style, the best combination of words is “Antique Modern”. We know it’s kind of an oxymoron but stick with us! We thrive at integrating older pieces of furniture and decor with more modern pieces, and incorporating tastefully modern pieces into historically designed homes. We love using bold colors to make a room pop, but we also know which combinations suit the homes in this area, and which definitely don’t. We love to bring New England history to new homes through furniture, lighting and other design choices, and we also love to bring the “new” to historic homes in the same way!