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Redesigning Design; A New Year, A New Approach.

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

With the turn of the new year and a refresh that comes with a new decade, we at Joshua Allen Design are taking a bold stand and making some much needed changes to the approach and idea of interior design; as an art and a service. We are redesigning interior design on all levels, starting with the way we tackle projects, connect with our clients, and work through each individual design space. Of course, changing the standard business model of a profession is not easy — almost monumental in fact — but not impossible!


The ART of interior design, redesigned.

For decades, interior design professionals have relied on labels to identify an individual's aesthetic preferences. They have asked questions, applied tests, and assessed physical belongings to draw conclusions about how to design a space, and pigeonholed the client into a specific design label in the process. As much fun as it might be to find out that your interior design style is "shabby chic," "mid-century modern" or "farmhouse" these labels say absolutely nothing about the details of what the client actually prefers in a design. We say "Enough with the labels when determining an individual's style!" Now that we have that out of the way, it is important to note that design labels such as these can still be useful to define a space. However, these labels do not totally identify an individual's aesthetic, nor do they allow for personality or individuality (some of the most important elements) to shine through in a design. Seeing the need for a more personalized accurate approach to interior design, and armed with the desire to eliminate these labels from our process, we have designed a new way of identifying an individual's design style: building a design profile for each person. A design profile is an individual profile that showcases all of the different styles and elements the specific person is attracted to, meshing them together to form a crystal clear vision of what they prefer. Let's face it, we all like different elements of every design, so why not incorporate these elements into our spaces? This approach, using a design profile to identify a client's goal, is how we are changing the ART of interior design!

The SERVICE of interior design, redesigned.

Our goal in redesigning design is simple: to create personalized and professional design services at affordable prices, while maintaining a comfortable and approachable relationship with each client. Design services do not need to be complicated or time-consuming, and they certainly do not need to be expensive! We know this because it's at the core of our philosophy. When people think of interior design, sometimes there is a negative feeling associated with it. "A good designer would be way too expensive" or "I don't have time for multiple appointments" are just a few pieces of feedback we hear a lot. We have built systems and processes that streamline our business, making our design services easy, affordable, and accessible to everyone! The process we have developed is unique to our company and allows us the ability to work with clients (both remotely and on-site) and stick to their budget, but never sacrifice the one-on-one experience of working with a professional designer. This allows our clients to achieve their design goals on their own timeline. Hiring a professional designer should make the process seamless and fun, and not deter clients from bringing their vision to life. This is why we have redesigned the SERVICES related to interior design.

The bottom line is that we believe design services should be affordable, attainable, unique, and most of all completed in an approachable and down-to-earth manner.

Redesigning design is what we have been unknowingly doing since the start of Joshua Allen Design. It feels incredible to be able to do what we love while redefining the boundaries that have been associated with the profession over the past few decades! We at Joshua Allen Design have redesigned design and we are so excited to share our new vision with you all!

It's only fitting that with the redesign of our design services comes a redesign of our website! Check out our new site here:

As always, we appreciate any ideas, input, and feedback from our community and clients. So drop us a line in the comments below, chat with us on our Facebook page or email us at!



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