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Seasonal Swap: 5 Simple Ways to Decorate For Fall

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Did someone say pumpkin spice!? Fall is on its way, whether we’re ready for it or not! (Spoiler alert, we totally are!) All of us here at Joshua Allen Design absolutely love fall and the cozy warm decor and beautiful scenery that come along with it. Living in New England means we get to really experience the magic of the seasons changing which makes it even more fun! But regardless of where you live—or which season is your favorite—fall is coming so we’ve rounded up five of our favorite simple tips to change out your summer decor and get ready for the season!

Break Out The Fall Scented Candles

We love burning a candle year round, it adds the perfect touch of fragrance and calm to a space. But in the warmer months a lit candle can feel like too much heat. Fall is a candle’s time to shine! Candles bring warmth and coziness to a space better than any other decorative element, plus the flickering light they give off creates an amazing calming moment. Kick up the warmth and coziness in your space for fall with a few well placed candles — bonus points if they’re autumn scented

Turn Up The Coziness

Throw pillows and blankets are a great way to fill out a space, and they’re especially important for snuggling up in the colder months. They bring a huge amount of coziness to a space, which is just right for when things start getting cooler. Choose a fall throw blanket with a chunky knit texture or swap your summer color scheme for some browns and earth tones. This quick and simple change is guaranteed to bring autumn into your space with a single trip to the store!  

Fall For Curb Appeal

Bright summer leafy greens, beware! It’s time to bring in the more earth toned colors of fall. Change out your floral summer wreaths and door mats for some with a more autumnal look and feel and opt for some classic potted mums if you have space for them. Pro tip: Rather than going the traditional route and using corn stalks as decorations, try wrapping dried grape vines around areas that you want to bring interest to for a seriously sophisticated feel. You’ll have your front porch looking ready for trick or treaters in no time!

Foliage Isn't Just For Outdoors 

That’s right! Bring the crisp, fresh feeling of fall right into your home using the season’s foliage! You can use fall wreaths and flowers, like mums or black eyed Susans, to decorate your mantle, centerpieces, window sills, built in shelves, and other areas of your home! Grab a vase and fill it with some foliage for a super easy centerpiece or decoration — you can even pick from your backyard! Don’t be afraid to mix and match too — some of our favorites are dried grape vines, fountain grass, and even dried berries for a pop of fall texture!

Accent With Patterns + Textures

One of the easiest ways to bring a completed feel to a space is with the use of pattern and texture. In the fall, adding pattern means it’s time to dial up the plaid! There are a lot of great styles of plaid out there, so the options are limitless — just be sure to coordinate the colors in your plaid with your space or you run the risk of clashing. As for autumn texture, we love to bring in a touch of burlap ribbon, both inside and out. Just be careful not to overdo it — a little burlap really does go a long way!

And there you have it! A few of our favorite fall decor tips with links to products we love for this season. If you try out any of our tips don't forget to tag us in your photos — we can't wait to see your creativity! And remember to follow us on social media for more interior design and property staging in your feed!


As always, we appreciate any ideas, input, and feedback from our community and clients. So drop us a line in the comments below, chat with us on our Facebook page or email us at!

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