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The Truth About Staging, Even In A Seller's Market

We believe in staging! No surprise there. We know the value it provides in helping buyers visualize a space and we've seen staged homes sell faster and for more money, time and time again. We know what you're thinking though: right now it's a seller's market, is staging my home really going to make a difference?

Spoiler alert: the answer is yes.

We know the current market is extra busy, but we also know that regardless of the status of the market, staging can not only raise the perceived value (and thus the price) of a home but it can also help it sell faster. Don't just take our word for it though, we have the stats to back it up! According to the 2019 NAR Profile of Home Staging, 22% of sellers' agents saw a one to five percent increase in the dollar value offered by buyers in comparison to similar homes that weren't staged. According to the same report, 25% of sellers' agents stated that staging a home greatly decreased the amount of time the home was on the market, while another 28% reported staging resulted in a slight decrease in time on market.

Okay, we get it, some people did a survey. But what are the true benefits to staging your property before listing, even in a seller's market? We're glad you asked...

Staging Hooks Buyers Where They Are

Living through a pandemic is tough, and as we've all had to adapt — so has the real estate market. Most, if not all, buyers looking for a home right now are beginning that search online. This means it's more important than ever before for your listing to stand out from the pack. Having professional photography, videography, and virtual walk through tours done can help here — but those services are only half the battle. If your property isn't staged properly, it won't matter much that your photos and/or videos are of great quality. At a time when making the choice to visit a property in person hinges almost solely on the pictures and videos in your listing, having your space professionally staged can mean the difference between a buyer choosing to view your listing or pass it up for another.

A Staged Space is Fuel For the Imagination

Primary bedroom staged by Joshua Allen Design

No matter what kind of market it is, buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in a home. Buying a property is an emotionally driven decision, so if a buyer can't envision how their belongings will fit, it's game over. Professional staging helps eliminate this problem by using the principles of interior design to functionally lay out a space. This way even the most pesky questions from buyers are answered with staging! A professional property stager comes equipped with the knowledge of where to best hang a TV, how and where to place a correct sized headboard, and even what to do with the extra little spaces that normally collect your miscellaneous belongings (hello new sitting area!).

Staging Basics Can Be Achieved on Any Budget

A tall faux green sits atop a console table decorated with pieces that appeal to the masses.
Basic staging elements, staging by Joshua Allen Design

Yes, we really mean ANY budget! A little known fact about staging: when done right, even the budget conscious seller can reap the benefits. Sometimes an afternoon spent decluttering and a simple rearrangement of your existing furniture is all that's needed, and sometimes bringing in fresh pieces and décor in a few key rooms can make a huge impact. In a seller's market, buyers are already coming in at the top of their purchasing power, so they probably won't have much in the way of extra funds to make upgrades. This means they'll want a place that's virtually move-in ready! A professional home stager will also understand how to put your funds toward upgrades that will actually increase the perceived value of your home, helping to make it as move-in-ready as possible. Here at Joshua Allen Design, we call this Design To Sell, and it's one of the many property marketing services we offer both agents and homeowners! It all starts with a simple consult.

This service is different than interior design in one key way: we design the space for the eye of the potential buyer rather than designing it for the specific tastes of the homeowner. An experienced stager knows what buyers want to see and can guide you through the process of finding exactly what works for your space. He or she might even be able to recommend paint color changes, fixture upgrades, and other minor fixes for maximum impact. They also bring staging inventory that compliments your individual space while still appealing to the masses — ensuring that only the best choices are made to upgrade and show your space on your budget!

With every project, our first priority is the satisfaction of our clients. We at Joshua Allen Design bring furniture and decor from our warehouse of inventory to lay out your space and help buyers fall in love with your property — this fosters the emotional attachment that ultimately helps you get the highest sale price for your home in the shortest timeframe!


As always, we appreciate any ideas, input, and feedback from our community and clients. So drop us a line in the comments below, chat with us on our Facebook page or email us at!



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