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5 Ways to Incorporate Vintage Pieces in Your Home Decor

In today's world of fast fashion and mass production, there's a growing appreciation, especially in the interior design world, for the unique charm and character of vintage pieces. These treasures can not only add a touch of personality to your space but also tell a story and spark conversation!

But how do you incorporate vintage finds without ending up with a space that looks like a cluttered old museum? Here are 5 Joshua Allen designer approved tips for seamlessly integrating vintage pieces into your modern decor:

Tip 1 - Make antiques the focal point in the room.

It is best to highlight your vintage pieces instead of trying to hide them behind the rest of your décor. You want your piece to complement the space without trying to seem intentionally matched to everything you already have going on. Keep in mind: sometimes, all it takes is one vintage statement piece to totally elevate a room. Example: A vintage rug with bold patterns or a beautifully restored antique mirror can become the focal point for your space.

Tip 2 - Stick with your color scheme, but don't shy away from mixing and matching.

If you have a bright or bold vintage piece, you will want to be sure and balance the rest of the space with plenty of neutrals. Another option is to go bold and lean into the color by pulling in more of the color to create a streamlined look. Juxtapose vintage and modern to create a look that's uniquely you, just pay attention to choosing pieces that complement each other's scale and color palette.

Tip 3 - Start small and build your room.

If you have one piece and are not sure how to tie it with the rest of your room all at once, don't stress! You can absolutely buy one item at a time and slowly complete your space over time.

Tip 4 - Don't be afraid of using more than one vintage piece in your space.

A great way to incorporate a vintage piece into your space is to partner it up with another! Vintage pieces complement each other and if you are having trouble building in just one piece, try pairing it with a friend.

Tip 5 - Repurpose with purpose.

Sometimes it's easier to imagine an item in a space if it serves a purpose. Using stacked vintage suitcases or antique books as a table stand can revitalize them and give them new purpose. A vintage ladder can be reused as a towel rack in a bathroom or a blanket rack in a living space.


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