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Antique Revival Project Update, Q&A with Interior Designers Josh and Nicole

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Today's update post focuses on the Antique Revival project! You know it and love it, and we've been doing our best to bring you regular updates to the home's renovation through weekly site visits, client meetings, and communication with our on-site partners Build Simple Construction Management. Marketing manager Erica sat down with our interior designers Josh and Nicole, who have been working closely with the clients and renovation teams, to get the inside scoop on the project's timeline and other sneak peeks into the interior design.

E: Ok design team! What is the status of this project right now (end of September, 2023)

J: We are about 40% through the project. More than half of the windows are installed, and both electrical and plumbing stared to go in this week. The next phase will include flooring, drywall, and interior doors.

N: The Build Simple crew is currently working on installing all of the windows for the home. The standard windows have been installed, we are just waiting on the detailed stained glass windows and custom windows to be installed. The siding has been ordered and should also be arriving soon!

E: Have there been any unexpected challenges that have arisen so far in the redesign?

J: The age of the structure has been slightly challenging. Being that the home is over 200 years old, it wasn’t truly level in any single area, so the entire home needed to be re-leveled. The interior stairs had to be replaced due to code and safety concerns, which was a little unexpected.

N: We had some challenges with the leveling of floors due to it being such an old home but we were able to work together with the contracting company to get all of the floors fully leveled.

E: Will we get to share some interiors on social media soon?

J: Yes, we should be ready for some more completed interior shots by mid October!

N: Yes, so soon! Once the windows are in and the electrical and plumbing finished we will be able to have the home drywalled and then give an interior tour of the spaces. Make sure you keep an eye on our social media and sign up for our emails so you'll know when new updates on this project are released.

E: What have been your goals for this project?

J: The goal for this project has been to completely redesign an antique home in such as way that the character and charm of the property remains, and the clients are able to enjoy all of the modern-day conveniences a new build would offer. Keeping design choices true to the history of the home is of utmost importance for me.

N: A career goal of mine has always been to do a full home remodel! This project represents such an amazing accomplishment for us as a design firm with all of its unique character and features, that I would just love if it were featured somewhere, like a magazine. I am beyond excited to watch this home come together!

E: We know every project is unique, but what is the overall design concept behind the Antique Revival project?

J: The design project is coined “the Antique Revival” because the name represents the overall design's aesthetic and concept. Mixing antique and historic pieces with modern elements is the vision, we were able to preserve the “story” of the home without sacrificing the convenience of a modern home. The concept is rooted in a dedication to being true to the home's original period. To accomplish this we even went as far as to add elements that would have been true to the time of the home that did not exist prior, like a hidden butler's pantry!

N: This concept is the definition of keeping true to an antique style, but in a new and updated way. We are turning a very old home into a beautiful new one, and in the process keeping so much of the character by designing to incorporate the old style beams and fireplaces. The home will be filled with hints of the house before the renovation. The new wood flooring will be made from the pine trees that were cut down in the yard, which is something truly unique and special

E: How are the client's specific style and preferences coming through in the design?

J: Dana has a true love of history and likes primitive design elements. She gravitated toward subtle tones in color and texture in our initial consultations, but wanted bold emphasis on the history elements of the home right from the start. We can't wait for this combo to come to life! She fully embraces the character of her home, and every decision we have made for the home's design has been tied to this preservationist approach.

N: Our client Dana has wanted to keep as many details of the old home alive as possible. She is a fierce advocate for the preservation of the home's history, and luckily we're on the same page! We have been careful to make sure the fixtures, furniture and other details work with the exposed brick and beams, and to source lighting that will match this style and inspiration.

E: What are some really cool materials and finishes you & the clients have selected?

J: I am thrilled about some of the tile, stone and color options. But I particularly love the laundry room floor, butler's pantry backsplash tile, first floor laundry room stone, and the main bathroom accent wall color. Take a look!

N: We have sourced some amazing light fixtures for the space. Some of my favorites are these two! One of my favorite pieces is also this cast iron sink, this will be perfect for the antique-mod farmhouse style we are going for.

E: What has been your favorite space/room to design/work on? Why?

J: The butler’s pantry has been my favorite area to design. It has such character and will bring so much “new history" to the home. It's a very exciting design with strong elements.

N: My favorite room in the house is the kitchen and butler's pantry too. We are installing a hidden door for the butlers pantry and I think it will be such a unique and fun feature. The large kitchen will feature a double island, which will be a huge focal statement in the home and I am excited to watch this room transform— especially as before it was an extremely small and narrow kitchen!

E: What are some of the unique features or details that will make this design special?

J: I am most excited about the overall, final feel of the home when it is completed. I know every space in the home will have a handful of incredible elements and features that will bring personality and charm to the overall design. The wooden beams throughout the entire home are a special and unique element that ties the home together and carries the history and charm throughout.

N: One unique feature is we are leaving the existing wall with the vertical wood strips showing in the master closet. The design incorporates exposing the antique beams, old fireplaces, and creation of handmade floors. This home will have two laundry rooms, and a brand new addition at the back for a large dining room surrounded by windows!


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