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Bedroom Decorating

When someone asks you what your favorite room in your house is, you usually say your bedroom, right? Well if you are one of those people who loves their bedroom then you should definitely make sure its keeping up with the latest design and decor trends. With Covid-19 still lingering in our lives, we all want a room you can feel safe and comfortable in. Your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary, a place where you can reveal your inner self. Any piece of decor that represents you should be a part of your room. You'd be amazed by how much a few new additions can completely transform your bedroom.

Bold Lighting: When it comes to your bedroom you only want your room to look and feel dark at night but during the day you want to allow beautiful bright light to envelop your room. Try to avoid using blackout curtains so natural light can easily spill into your bedroom during the day. At night, instead of using generic ceiling lights, add bedside lamps, standing lamps, and/or chandeliers into your bedroom for drama and boldness.

Lighting is important for adding character and feeling to your room, so we'd recommend using warmer LED lightbulbs when designing your bedroom. Dimmers are also important when it comes to lighting and setting the mood. We suggest using dimmers on your bedside lamps to help create an instantaneous warm, cozy atmosphere.

Colors: Try and use a combination of warmer, softer, and darker colors in your bedroom to help induce calm and relaxing feelings. Warmer colors will put you at ease and turn your bedroom into the cozy haven it should be. As mentioned above, warmer lighting can be achieved by using soft LED lightbulbs while avoiding harsher fluorescent bulbs.

Decide on the mood or tone you'd like to set in your bedroom, then choose a color that reflects that feeling. We'd suggest going with soft and dark colors when decorating your room. This will help create a serene environment more suited for sleep. Examples of soft colors for walls and rugs are pale blue, blush pink, or light grey. Examples of darker colors include navy blue, plum, or sage green.

Patterns and Textures: Wallpaper is making a huge comeback. You could choose your favorite peel and stick wallpaper and put it on any wall you want or all the walls in your bedroom. It is a statement piece that will really show off who you are. Another way to incorporate interesting patterns into your bedroom is by decorating your bed with throw pillows. Try to make your pillows match the walls so you can really make your bedroom pop.

Texture is an important aspect of design that is often overlooked. Bringing texture into the bedroom adds a layer of opulence and comfort. Soft and relaxing textures, such as a slipper chair covered in velvet, a silk area rug, or a cable knit throw blanket help create the perfect tranquil environment.

Statement Bed: Your bed is the focal point of your room. Everything is going to revolve around that bed so why not make it a statement with a vibrant bed frame and textured bedding. Try going with simplistic, yet stylish white sheets and a comforter when choosing your bedding. Throw pillows and blankets can then be used to add more color to your bed. Using seasonal accent pillows and blankets is always a fun way to decorate and add charm to your room. For example, we suggest a lightweight cotton throw in the summer and a plaid mohair blanket in the winter.

As for your headboard, we suggest going with upholstered. This style of headboard is typically sizable, modern, and affordable. Also, an upholstered headboard effectively adds a layer of focus, depth, and texture to your room. Make sure to go with a neutral colored headboard that compliments any color bedding.

The Little Things: It's usually the finer details that really help pull a room together and make it shine. Plants are always a perfect small addition when you feel like you need to fill in those smaller unused spaces. A simple orchid or a potted tree is a beautiful, purifying, and soothing touch that goes with every style of decor. Don't go overboard, however, when adding plants, as less is typically more.

When it comes to technology, it isn't always ideal from a design standpoint, but we're aware it is oftentimes a necessary aspect of your room. If that's the case, go out and buy yourself a charging nightstand drawer, a desk with a place to prop up your tablet to help you type, or even remotes to turn your lights on and off. Find unique ways to integrate technology into your bedroom that also helps enhance it stylistically.

We hope you've found this blog on bedroom decorating to be of use to you! As always, we appreciate any ideas, input, and feedback from our community and clients. So drop us a line in the comments below, chat with us on our Facebook page or email us at! Don't forget to follow us on instagram (@joshuaallendesign) Twitter (@j_allen_design) and subscribe to our YouTube channel, where we post new design-related videos each week!

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