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How To DIY A Green Halloween

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

We’re big fans of Halloween here at Joshua Allen Design. Can you blame us? It’s so much fun! We also love sustainability — what’s good for the environment is good for all of us. What better way to get ready for the upcoming season than to combine our love for this awesome holiday with some fun and sustainable DIY ideas that’ll inspire your family to get decorating!

Before we get started, here are some supply-gathering tips: Don’t bother with the pop-up halloween shops this year. Instead, shop locally for your DIY supplies and decor. Local farm stands, markets, and supermarkets typically have pumpkins, gourds, and mums. Check the thrift shop for accents like fall-toned fabrics, and grab your old picture frames, bottles, glass jars, toys, and candle holders while you're out antiquing.

Photo: HGTV

Now, for our first tip! Make your own creepy spider webs. Did you know that the fake spider webs found at most party supply stores actually pose a threat to wildlife? Sadly, it’s true. Opt for a different approach this season by crafting your own environmentally friendly spiderwebs with scissors and black trash bags.

Photo: Instructables

Thinking of hosting a party this year? Create some one of a kind jack-o-lantern wine bottles for your guests to pour! Just remove the labels (soaking in water will usually do the trick!) and paint away! Empty bottles can be painted this way too, and used for decorations!

Don’t forget your home’s exterior! Give spooky vibes by stacking hay bales and wooden crates and decorating them with corn stalks, pumpkins, and gourds. For a fuller look, drape scraps of autumn toned fabric over some of your bales and crates. After Halloween is over, your hay can be recycled into compost and the crates can be reused when decorating for the winter holidays!

Photo: My Pinterventures

Have you noticed that most Halloween decor comes in shades of bright orange, neon green, and purple? That doesn’t mean you have to bring those colors into your space. Try your hand at crafting a black twig wreath by collecting twigs and branches from your neighborhood, fastening them together, and spray painting it all black!

Photo: DIY Beautify

Bring coziness and warmth into your home, and save some sweaters from the donation bin by making them into pumpkins! These cable-knit cuties are easily made using the sleeve of a sweater, dried beans, twine, rubber bands and some jute. These are so cute and they add just the right amount of texture to your decor!

Photo: JollyMom

Old tin cans make great luminaries! This is an awesome alternative to the paper bag versions you see in stores, as those often end up blown away and turned into litter.

Photo: Capturing Wonderland

Break out your mason jars for this tip — we know you’ve got them! Make your own creepy apothecary by filling mason jars of different sizes and shapes with water, alcohol ink, food coloring and throwing in spooky items like old doll parts and toys. Then, decorate your jars with DIY labels for a finishing touch!

We'd love to see what you create for the season using these tips! Don't forget to share your DIY Halloween creations and designs with us on Facebook!


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