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How To Increase Your Home Value

Increasing home value is something that we do each and every day, and it is our passion to make that happen! There are so many unique ways to add value to a home. We have gathered up some of our favorite affordable tips and tricks to help you update your home. Making these updates will not only make your home look and feel fresh and new, but will add value to your property in the end.

The kitchen is the heart of the home! There are an endless amount of ways to add great value to your kitchen. Our favorite way is to re-paint or refinish your existing kitchen cabinets. This will automatically make your space look more up to date, and it’s also budget friendly! Another interesting way is to add cabinets above your current cabinets, but unfortunately this won't work in every kitchen. Stacking cabinets would work beautifully in a kitchen with high ceilings. If this doesn’t work for your kitchen space then a great alternative is to add shelving above the cabinets that climb all the way to the ceiling. This will give your kitchen a unique look, and will offer more space to put kitchen supplies or decor. Lastly, we recommend you update your hardware, faucet, and pendant lights. Our favorite tip is to add under cabinet lighting. This will make that area stand out and it's so easy to install them yourself!

What are the best ways to add value to your bathroom? When it comes to updating your bathroom you want to focus on flooring, light fixtures, showers, hardware, and your vanity. These are all necessities when it comes to any bathroom. Simply updating your hardware and light fixtures will make your bathroom look brand new. Something that we really recommend is keeping a tub. We know this could sound strange to some people, but when selling a home it’s important to have at least one tub. For a family with young kids a tub is a necessity, your home will become more appealing and functionable for a family when they see a bathtub. For the shower you want to make sure the tile is always up to date and clean! If your shower has a shower curtains, we always recommend changing it to a glass door. This again, gives off a more sleek and clean look to potential buyers. As we all know, trends in the interior design industry are always changing. It’s important to keep up with current trends and you can do so by changing the mirrors in your bathroom. A nice mirror can be the focal point of your entire bathroom, we promise you, buyers will notice! Lastly we recommend always sticking with a neutral paint color, a warm taupe or crisp white will make the space feel calm and serene.

The major step to pull everything together is to find a paint color that you absolutely love for your home and paint 85% of your home that color. If you want to experiment with different colors, you can choose accent colors for each of the rooms. This will allow you to have fun with other colors while still having a nice neutral flow throughout the whole house. Furniture makes such a big impact on your home. It’s important to make sure you get rid of any broken or outdated furniture. Modern may not be your style, but new modern furniture pieces can make your space feel brand new. With that being said, don’t get rid of everything old, antique pieces can always add some charm to your home. If your antique pieces are falling apart there are always ways to refurbish that to make it look brand new. Our style at Joshua Allen Design is finding the perfect balance between antique and modern, it gives that New England charm that we love! Consistency is everything. We suggest replacing all your light fixtures and outlets around the house and make sure you have the same metal and glass throughout the house. Last but certainly not least, is to paint your trim. White trim can brighten up your space and give your home a fresh new look. Trust me, simply painting your trim will make all the difference!