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New Year, New Home Resolutions

New Year, new you! Right? Yeah, we say that every year, but what about the place where you spend the most of your time?! Your home might be in need of some New Years’ resolutions too! The place where you spend the most time should be ENJOYED by you!

Coming home should make you feel relaxed, and décor and style has a lot to do with how you feel! Cluttered, overly furnished homes can give a sense of anxiety. While warm tones, lots of rugs, and plush furniture can radiate comfort and homeyness. See what we mean?

So if you feel like your home is in need of some TLC (especially with all the amazing things you see on social media!), then why not do a little sprucing up? We have some super EASY and great ways to make big changes on a limited budget… and with limited time!

MOVE YOUR FURNITURE. The easiest thing to do in your home to make it feel like a new space is to rearrange your existing furniture. Move some stuff around in places you might not ordinarily try, you might be surprised at the end result. The best part? If you don’t like it, you can always move it around again!

BRING IN A NEW RUG. We have a problem with rugs. We can’t help it, they just transform a space so easily! And now with online rug resources, the options for colors and patterns are endless, along with some competitive pricing. Which does not help our rug addiction!

FRESHEN UP YOUR PAINT. Spackle those old nail holes and chips in your walls, then sand and paint! Take it one room at a time, and have fun choosing colors that will go with your space. We always recommend buying a few samples you like and painting them on your wall to see how it plays off the light in that room, it will make your decision much easier! And (of course) we have to add that an accent wall is always a good idea. Whether you use a different color paint or spice it up with some patterned wallpaper, an accent wall is a fun way to add dimension to a room.

UPDATE YOUR HARDWARE. Doorknobs, kitchen & bathroom hardware, and hinges are probably some of the most used items in your house. With so much everyday use, they can wear fast and look dated. Switching these out with a nice matte black, chrome, or brass finish will create a crisp new look with just a screwdriver! This is one of the easiest renos you can do that makes a BIG difference!

PAINT OR STAIN YOUR CABINETS. Painting and staining is an easy way to refresh any piece of furniture, really, but especially your kitchen cabinets! Custom cabinets can rack up a bill fast, so if you want to keep a friendly budget, sand and stain or paint your existing cabinets a unique color to create a fresh new space! This is probably the most laborious of our New Year makeover tips, but one weekend of dedication is worth the end result, we promise!

THROW BLANKETS AND PILLOWS. These are pieces of decor you can change up seasonally to keep things looking new and fun every few months! Summer blankets can be delicate with lighter colors, while plush or knit winter blankets in darker tones can add a nice warm environment to relax in.

CHANGE SOME LIGHT FIXTURES. Lights are an easy thing to forget because they aren’t directly in your line of sight, but they make a BIG difference — especially in parts of the home that people gather in, like the kitchen, dining room, and living room! You can take your time updating these one room at a time, and see what a big transformation simply changing them out can make!

GET RID OF STUFF YOU DON’T NEED! De-clutter and give away things that you don’t need… or have never liked! We all have a few pieces that are close to our hearts, but a lot of us have plenty of extra accumulated décor! Go through all your home accent pieces (and even some furniture, clothes, toys, etc.) and sell them online or give to someone in need. Less clutter makes a room more airy and spacious.

Having a fresh updated space for the New Year can be so easy! Just by following these simple steps and changing things up a little, you can start the new year with the space of your dreams — and do it all without breaking the bank! And remember, if you have a tricky space or you'd like a little help with it all, we're only a click/call away!

As always, we appreciate any ideas, input, and feedback from our community and clients. So drop us a line in the comments below, chat with us on our Facebook page or email us at!

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