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Staging Stories: Merchandising Model Homes

The Joshua Allen Design team’s favorite type of staging is one where we can truly accentuate a space and design a home where a potential buyer can imagine themselves living. An open space can mean an endless amount of possibilities for a designer; a blank canvas to be painted (literally and figuratively) and catered to a specific client’s needs.

However, for a home buyer this blank canvas can be intimidating, and visualizing themselves living in a home can sometimes be a huge stretch of the imagination. They can shut down, become disinterested, and move on to the next home on their list… one that might be convincingly staged.

Do you ever just stop and check out model homes or campers to see what they look like inside? Raise your hand if you’re guilty. We are! So, why do we do that even if we aren’t actively looking for a home? Because it’s fun! Seriously, it’s awesome to see how other homes are designed and what’s new on the market. So staging a model space not only reaches people actively searching for their new home, but spreads the word to people who maybe just stopped by on their way home from the store for fun. Word of mouth is an essential marketing tool!

The featured before and after photos (our favorite type of photos!) show a recent project our team at Joshua Allen Design staged for Devens Village Green, LLC in Devens, Massachusetts. This model home showcased their wonderful craftsmanship, and our team highlighted the space with hand-selected pieces that worked seamlessly to maximize visual impact. We're thankful to have our own warehouse where we keep all of our furnishings, artwork, and décor on hand to stage properties of any scale—small or large! This is how we're equipped to handle it all, even the most challenging staging projects that come our way!

Staging any home, particularly model homes, uses furniture placement to take away pesky questions and concerns from buyers about the use of multifunctional spaces. This is how we draw attention to all the great aspects of a home’s layout. And we haven’t even gotten to geographic market appeal! Builders know their market, and calculated research using regional demographics (including local products) gives home seekers a preview of a lifestyle they should live.

Joshua Allen Design nurtures a builder and client relationship by enhancing the model home experience with staging. Taking a new home for a test drive is an important part of the buying process, and a model home allows just that. By touching, feeling, and seeing a finished product, a home buyer can envision their future—which helps making a final decision much easier!

As always, we appreciate any ideas, input, and feedback from our community and clients. So drop us a line in the comments below, chat with us on our Facebook page or email us at!

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