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What is the Purpose of Interior Design?

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

The purpose of interior design is to create spaces that are beautiful, comfortable, and functional. To create spaces that foster connections between family, friends, neighbors and communities.

You can find countless definitions of the term “interior design” with just a single google search, but here at Joshua Allen Design we think of design differently. Some think of it simply as creating an aesthetically pleasing arrangement of furniture, some a combination of furniture and paint based on a favorite color scheme. We see interior design as one of the truest forms of self expression, and that’s why we stand by our philosophy that interior design really is for everyone.

Aside from the self expression that comes with creating interiors, interior design has countless psychological implications that affect all of us on a subconscious level each and every day. The spaces that surround us directly impact our comfort level, feelings, and overall moods. The multiple interior spaces we enc

ounter on a daily basis and how these spaces play off of one another greatly impacts us. From our bedrooms when we wake up, to our kitchens when we have our morning coffee, then to the place in which we work and the restaurant we visit for dinner. Each one of these environments is subconsciously logged into our psyche and is exhaled through our emotions, feelings and moods. Much like the saying “you are only as successful as the five people you spend time with”, in the world of design, your mental state is only as strong as the five spaces you spend most of your time in. So, it is essential that the spaces you spend the most time in are a true reflection of who you are and how you want to feel.

The importance of interior design on a practical level is also worth noting. Proper interior design merges form and function into one, allowing for an easy and convenient experience. This practicality takes form in the arrangement of furniture in a room, the position of lighting in a space, the placement of electrical outlets on a wall and even the design of a table or chair. Interior design elements are even found the vehicles we use for daily transportation such as cars or airplanes. Functionality in a space creates a subconscious feeling of “ease” and “order” allowing our minds to focus on other, more important thoughts. Perfecting the functional design of a space is one of the key responsibilities of an interior designer and one of the most important facets of the interior design process. 

Interior design is an element of our everyday lives, both consciously and subconsciously. Mixing the four key interior design elements, practicality, functionality, psychology and self-expression, will lead to the creation of the perfect space. And, every environment we choose to live in and surround ourselves with should encompass these elements, with an emphasis on self-expression -- at least in our eyes!


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