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What's your Individual Design Profile? Be gone with the labels!

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

The most fundamental aspect of the interior design process is capturing a client's unique personality and translating that into a functional, practical and beautiful space. This aspect is undoubtedly a cornerstone of our business. In fact, we do not call a project complete until the space perfectly reflects the client's individuality. For years now, the interior design world has used basic labels to identify a client's overall aesthetic. We have found that labeling someone with just one type of design style is pretty outdated! Although terms such as "shabby chic", "mid-century modern" and "french country" are great references to an overall theme, most people's individuality cannot be expressed or determined by such a broad design theme. We have found that today's interior design world has shifted greatly from that of the past, yet the approach as remained the same. Today's design requires a more in-depth approach. A single label is no longer enough to determine one's design style. Instead, what's needed is a combination of many ELEMENTS of said styles that incorporate these popular design themes!

We saw an opportunity to evolve with this changing design world, and jumped on it! Instead of generically labeling our clients, we have created a tool that is both quick yet effective in determining an individual's specific design profile; a Design Profile Quiz! This fun and interactive quiz is an easy way to capture your aesthetic and style without pigeonholing you into a theme! Merging themes when designing a space is all the rage right now, so why should anyone be stuck sacrificing their favorite elements just because those pieces don't fit into the theme they were thrown into?! We say ENOUGH WITH THE LABELS! Design should be fun. Design should be personalized. Design should be you!

We are so excited to bring you a new type of design quiz, and it's not like any others you have taken. This quiz will pick out the design elements that best describe YOU as an individual, and build them into your very own design profile! Because honestly, it's boring to identify with just one type of style, aren't we more than just a label?

Take the quiz yourself and let us know what you think! Do the results mirror who YOU are? Does it build a design profile you relate to? Post your results for us to see!

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Masculine design includes the use of darker colors and cooler tones. Textiles typically include leathers, coarse textures and tougher fabrics. Lighting can be limited in use, with dimming capabilities and a soft glow. Metals are a common th