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What's your Individual Design Profile? Be gone with the labels!

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

The most fundamental aspect of the interior design process is capturing a client's unique personality and translating that into a functional, practical and beautiful space. This aspect is undoubtedly a cornerstone of our business. In fact, we do not call a project complete until the space perfectly reflects the client's individuality. For years now, the interior design world has used basic labels to identify a client's overall aesthetic. We have found that labeling someone with just one type of design style is pretty outdated! Although terms such as "shabby chic", "mid-century modern" and "french country" are great references to an overall theme, most people's individuality cannot be expressed or determined by such a broad design theme. We have found that today's interior design world has shifted greatly from that of the past, yet the approach as remained the same. Today's design requires a more in-depth approach. A single label is no longer enough to determine one's design style. Instead, what's needed is a combination of many ELEMENTS of said styles that incorporate these popular design themes!

We saw an opportunity to evolve with this changing design world, and jumped on it! Instead of generically labeling our clients, we have created a tool that is both quick yet effective in determining an individual's specific design profile; a Design Profile Quiz! This fun and interactive quiz is an easy way to capture your aesthetic and style without pigeonholing you into a theme! Merging themes when designing a space is all the rage right now, so why should anyone be stuck sacrificing their favorite elements just because those pieces don't fit into the theme they were thrown into?! We say ENOUGH WITH THE LABELS! Design should be fun. Design should be personalized. Design should be you!

We are so excited to bring you a new type of design quiz, and it's not like any others you have taken. This quiz will pick out the design elements that best describe YOU as an individual, and build them into your very own design profile! Because honestly, it's boring to identify with just one type of style, aren't we more than just a label?

Take the quiz yourself and let us know what you think! Do the results mirror who YOU are? Does it build a design profile you relate to? Post your results for us to see!

Check out the design elements we built into our quiz!


Masculine design includes the use of darker colors and cooler tones. Textiles typically include leathers, coarse textures and tougher fabrics. Lighting can be limited in use, with dimming capabilities and a soft glow. Metals are a common theme, as is the sparing use of decor pieces. The masculine design aesthetic is not geared strictly toward men! Many of these elements can be used to bring a space full circle.

Common design styles related to this profile: Industrial/Traditional/Rustic


The feminine design aesthetic creates a very soft feeling. Elements of a feminine design include light, soft, warm colors, delicate fabrics, rounded or curved shapes, and bright and/or natural lighting. The use of white to evoke a clean feeling is a staple of this design profile. Feminine design is one of the most broad types and can be found in nearly all completed design projects.

Common design styles related to this profile:

Shabby Chic/Farmhouse/French Country


Whimsy or whimsical design is by far the most "fun" design aesthetic. Whimsical design is all about having fun with space, specifically with the use of exaggeration. Taking colors and dialing them up a notch or layering colors and art are common ways to incorporate whimsical design. Individuals that enjoy this feeling of design are typically free-spirited and love their unique possessions and character.

Common design styles related to this profile:

BoHo/Mid-Century Modern/Eclectic


Primitive (or antique) design embodies an appreciation for the past and elements of design from years ago. The primitive aesthetic has very few boundaries and is the easiest way to add character to any space. This design is typically created using pieces of furniture or decor rather than color and light. Pieces can often be repurposed to fit a space they normally wouldn't have in their past lives. Every completed design should include at least one primitive element.

Common design styles related to this profile:



Bold design is exactly that: BOLD! The use of vivid colors in furniture or paint is the most common element of this profile. The intentional mixing of colors, textures and fabrications create bold statements and easily stimulate the mind and creative process. Bold design elements can bring any space to life... if used correctly!

Common design styles related to this profile:

Mid-Century Modern/Transitional/Scandinavian


The earthy design aesthetic revolves around one simple element - nature. In an earthy design, elements such as raw wood, stone or natural textures can be used. Greens, browns, tans and whites form the basic color palette for this profile and can range from subtle hues to vibrant bolds. This idea of layering and creating warmth through "life" is a common practice.

Common design styles related to this profile: BoHo/Rustic/Vintage


The ornamental design profile is a unique one. This aesthetic is all about personality and creating a space that breaks through standard design boundaries and evokes a sense of self and family. Ornamental design cherishes heirlooms, family photos, personalized artwork and eclectic decor. Individuals that enjoy ornamental design typically strive for comfort and family over clean lines and "matchy-matchy" furnishings.

Common design styles related to this profile: BoHo/Shabby Chic/Maximalism


Subtle design is the polar opposite of bold design. This design profile is much more reserved than all of the others though it can showcase the unexpected in a very understated way. Colors, furnishings and decor are very "safe" in nature and current to today's "contemporary" look and feel. The use of color is very minimal and monochromatic and the use of furnishings is simple, yet functional. Subtle design does not mean "boring" design, just that the elements highlighted are done so in a soft and delicate way.

Common design styles related to this profile: Scandinavian/Mid-Century Modern/Transitional


The geometric design profile embodies shapes in all forms. This design aesthetic is dimensional and bold. The use of texture and color is very common in this profile and allows an individual to completely transform the perception and feeling of space and form of a room. Mixing of shapes is common and decorations are typically very minimal. Individuals who most identify with this profile are typically analytical yet creative. Shapes are essential to any design project and the use of geometric patterns is essential to a polished look.

Common design styles related to this profile: Mid-Century Modern/Modern/Industrial


Architectural design is the artistic use of existing architectural elements in a space and purposefully including them in a design. The architectural profile has elements of both history and industry, though not always limited to these two factors. The use of light and bold colors (typically blues, grays and whites) are elements of this profile. Large windows, raw wood and exposed metal are also common and preferred.

Common design styles related to this profile: Industrial/Mid-Century Modern/Minimal


Glamorous design (or glam for short) embodies fashion. This design profile takes most of its inspiration from what's trending in fashion design, as well as soft colors and tones. Glass, shiny and mirrored surfaces are commonplace in these designs and typically have a feminine appeal to them. Exaggerated, bright light fixtures paired with oversized luxurious furniture is often preferred when designing with this profile in mind.

Common design styles related to this profile: Art Deco/Maximalism/Transitional


Minimal design eliminates any need for excessive anything. This unique profile is typically very specific to an individual yet incorporates very little personal touches in a completed design. Clean lines, symmetry and simple colors/textures are the staples of this design profile.

Common design styles related to this profile: Mid-Century Modern/Scandinavian/Modern

We are excited for YOU to take this quiz so we can learn more about what types of interior design you love and —most importantly— so you can learn more about yourself!

This new approach is going to be a game changer. We want to change these broad labels that don't fully describe our clients' individual (and amazing!) interior design profiles. So don't be a stranger, share your results with us, we always love to hear what people are thinking in the ever-changing design world!

As always, we appreciate any ideas, input, and feedback from our community and clients. So drop us a line in the comments below, chat with us on our Facebook page or email us at



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