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Our Services

Bundle Services + Save!

Earn a $10 credit per service when you book 3 or more services in one appointment!


Interior Design

We work closely with our clients to imagine, design and deliver spaces that are simultaneously beautiful, exciting, and functional. Our services can be carried out virtuallyConsults starting at $150.* Color Consults also available.


Property Staging

Let us show you the powerful impact home staging makes. We have the expertise to showcase your property best and help you + your clients sell for more. Consults starting at $150.*


Virtual Walk Through Tours

Our Virtual Walk Through Tours are designed to give buyers the complete picture of a property without needing to be there in person. Starting at $140*


Real Estate Photography

We understand the difference having the perfect listing photos makes. Our photos are professionally taken, expertly edited, and come with our standard 24 hour turnaround. Starting at $140*


Video Walk Throughs

Our Video Walk Throughs take your property listing to the next level. Professionally shot,  edited, and set to music, our Video Walk Throughs come with our standard 24 hour turnaround. Starting at $140.*


Floorplan Services

A floorplan is the best way to be sure potential buyers have the necessary information when it comes to layouts and measurements. Starting at $150.*

* $50 will be added to Photography, Videography, Virtual Tour + Floorplan services where property is 3,000+ sqft.

* All photos come with a standard 24 hour turnaround.

* +$10 added for each photo with heavy edits (e.g. blue sky added, removal of wires, hoses, trees, etc.) 

* $40 travel fee for any appointment outside a 1 hour travel time from Sterling, MA

* $150 credit added back to any project if services advance from consult. 

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