• Joshua Allen Design Team

A Table Designed for Christmas Dinner

Christmas is almost here! The cards, the shopping, the gift wrapping; it’s all sooo overwhelming! Even more so if you have to entertain family and friends for Christmas. Besides cleaning and cooking, the most stressful part of the holiday is making sure you fit all your food and family in your dining space, while making it all look presentable.

This is where we come in! You can make your table look unforgettable with a little TLC and small decor items you can find around the house, in your cabinets, and even outside (which are our personal favorite)!

Here are some fabulous tips to help make your Christmas table memorable:

Bring in patterns.

Our go to to any decor dilemma is pattern and texture. If you feel like there is just something missing, but you can't put your finger on it, try adding some plaid napkins, or a textured runner to liven up the space.

Use some pinecones!

Bring in some nature even during the wintertime with pinecones from outside, you can even add some twigs! Try dusting them with some powdered sugar to have your table transform into a winter wonderland!

Cinnamon sticks! Walnuts? Yes!

Reach into your cabinet and take some cinnamon sticks to use as cute décor on the table or in your festive drinks. Shelled walnuts are a surprising and adorable touch you can sprinkle in those empty spaces you have on your tables!

Play with your food.

Those Christmas cookies deserve to be looked at before they are demolished. Put them in small dishes around the house or counter. Use the cherry pie you slaved over as a pop of color to the table. Don't wait until dessert time to show off all your hard work!

One word: Fruit.

While we are on the subject of your holiday dishes and desserts, can we talk about fruit please? Oranges are such a nice pop of color, especially with some greenery! You can even put them in a large bowl and use as a centerpiece with some Christmas tree trimmings and berries!