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Have Yourself A Cozy Little Christmas

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

As the weather gets colder, and the holiday season gets closer, we tend to spend more of our time indoors where it’s cozy and warm. During this time of year it’s especially important to have a cheerful and inviting place to snuggle up and wait out the snowstorms. Come along for the ride with the designers & stylists at Joshua Allen Design as we use the New England-Modern style we’re famous for to teach you how to create the cozy New England Christmas of your dreams — right inside your home!

Bring the outside in! Adding natural elements like pinecones, wreaths, twigs, evergreens, holly berries, tree clippings and other pieces from the outdoors brings fullness and life to your decorated spaces. Greenery and garland, both real and faux, make your spaces feel warm, lush and welcoming to guests. Add greens and garlands of all shapes and sizes (think outside the box, as wooden beaded or festively colored garland both work well, too!) into every room of the home — don’t forget stairwells, foyers, and landings! Try wrapping your light fixtures up in a faux garland to extend coziness even further.

Break out the vintage decor. What’s old is new again! We absolutely love a good vintage piece, and usually try to incorporate one (or a few!) into each interior we design. A stack of vintage suitcases with thick throw blankets spilling out makes a gorgeous vignette for a guest bedroom. An old distressed trunk makes a great coffee table for a conversation space. Even that family heirloom Christmas decoration you usually leave at the bottom of the bin can be incorporated into your space somehow — have fun with it and don’t be afraid to try something different to make a statement! .

Create spaces within your spaces. Try your hand at rearranging your furniture this holiday season to create a few extra sitting areas. Keep things comfy and intimate to create a conversation space by grouping sofas and chairs close together. To create a private reading nook, place a chair and an end table together with a warmly lit reading lamp. To add dimension to your sitting areas, layer up with rugs and throw pillows or blankets in multiple textures; like plaid, tartan, velvet and chunky knit wool. These can work wonders at making your space feel physically and visually more snug and inviting! Double up the amount of throw pillows and blankets on your sofa for cozy lounging, and layer rugs on top of one another to create warmth underfoot. No matter what you do, don’t forget that no sitting space is complete without a few good books, plush throws, and endless mugs of hot cocoa.

Speaking of hot drinks, to add another level of cheerfulness to your Christmas, set up a drink station to serve hot beverages. Nothing warms guests quite like a mug of something hot on standby! Dedicate a space to hot drinks and stock it with a coffee maker and hot water for tea or cocoa, and don’t forget to keep plenty of mugs at hand. Add options for customization like creamers and flavorings (seasonal choices are a must!) and add-ins like marshmallows, peppermint sticks, and chocolate syrup, and let the good times pour in!

To add the finishing touches to your Christmas, let there be light! Nothing alters the atmosphere of your home more than seasonal candles, and a beautiful lit crackling fireplace. New England winters can get pretty chilly, so it’s a good bet your home has at least one fireplace, whether it’s functional or just for looks! If your home doesn’t have a fireplace, or if yours is just for show, you can sub in a grouping of lit candles for a similar effect. Or if open flames aren’t your thing, try adding some twinkle lights to your decor vignettes, then turn off the overhead lights and enjoy the ambience!

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be more than successful at transforming your own home into a cozy New England Christmas wonderland. We'd love to see how you use these tips to create holiday magic in your home, feel free to share with us on Facebook or Instagram and tag us (@joshuaallendesign) so we'll be sure to see! We might even share some of our favorites to our stories.

We hope you have a wonderful (cozy!) Christmas and a Happy New Year!

- the Joshua Allen Design Team


We hope you enjoyed this article on creating a cozy New England inspired Christmas in your home. If you did, we hope you'll check out our holiday article featured in Nashoba Valley Living magazine. As always, we appreciate any ideas, input, and feedback from our community and clients. So drop us a line in the comments below, chat with us on our Facebook page or email us at! Don't forget to follow us on instagram (@joshuaallendesign) Twitter (@j_allen_design) and subscribe to our YouTube channel, where we post design-related videos! this holiday season We'd love


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