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Five Designer-Approved Holiday Decorating Tips

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

The Holidays are approaching fast! The time to start thinking about decorating is now, and if you’re looking for a little help putting on the finishing touches, here are five of our best tips to help your home look its very merriest this holiday season!

1. Ditch the tree skirt! There, we said it. Instead of opting for a traditional tree skirt this year, try something new and exciting by wrapping your tree in a chunky knit blanket, a plaid scarf, a piece of burlap, or another fun fabric/material.

2. Let’s talk about ornaments! We all have our favorite pieces that belong on our tree but when it comes to adding new ones to your collection, keep in mind that they don’t have to be actual ornaments bought from the holiday aisle. Change it up this year by adding some decor pieces into your tree, oversized or otherwise, to give some depth and a unique personalized flair (plus, they can be used to fill in gaps if you've got sparse side to your tree.) Candy canes are a fan favorite, but you can use pinecones, bows, lanterns, or tons of other things — the sky’s the limit!

3. The base of your tree isn’t all about the presents. Add some dimension to the bottom of your tree by anchoring it using a barrel, a piece of furniture, or a few stacked wooden crates. Decorate these along with the tree to create scale and add weight to the base of your tree — also, more spaces to decorate = more fun!

4. We absolutely love garland during the holidays, but it doesn’t need to be the sparkly tinsel or faux pine type you normally reach for. Although we do love a good classic pine garland, some other great options that will bring a unique touch to your space are: wooden beaded, pre-lit, pinecone filled, red or gold holiday berry, eucalyptus, olive leaf, glitter leaf, and more!

5. Having more than one tree is perfectly okay — we say the more the merrier! If you’re anything like us and just love the look of a perfectly styled tree, but also have those sentimental ornaments that you simply can’t bear to hide away, opting for multiple trees is a perfect solution! Proudly display all your kids’ macaroni art ornaments and family heirloom baubles on the tree in your family room and save the glittering gold and white themed matching bulbs for another tree in your foyer — this way you can bring the best of both worlds together for the holidays!

When you’re decorating for the season keep these tips in mind. Remember that the process of decorating your home is individual to you — so bring in elements that represent your own unique style — but don’t be afraid to experiment with some new ideas too! As always, if you’re stuck or need a little guidance, please visit our website or give us a call — we’d love to help!

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