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Interior Design Tips: Styling Your Video Call Backdrop

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

With social distancing guidelines as the new norm, lots of us are turning to video calls as a way to meet face-to-face (well, mostly) with coworkers and family members. While we’re all thankful for this technology that helps us stay connected, with this new tech comes a question we might not have been asking before: Where and HOW do I set up the backdrop for my personal and professional video calls?! 

Tricky right? Don’t worry though, we’re here to help! We’ve designed four different options for you to style your backgrounds in an interesting and fun way while still maintaining professionalism — this way your space can function as both a place to make work calls and a place to check up on friends and loved ones!  

First thing's first; let’s quickly run through some basic tips for choosing the perfect backdrop location for your call.

  • Make sure your setting is quiet, and try to avoid setting up in rooms with high ceilings, as they can cause an echo. If this isn’t possible, we’ve found using earbuds with a mic can work wonders at reducing background noise. 

  • Choose a solid colored wall as your backdrop, and try to pick a neutral color if possible. 

  • Lighting is everything! If you can, choose a location with soft natural lighting. Lighting that is too bright or harsh can wash you out and make it tough for those on the other end of the call to see you. 

  • Position your camera. It should be around eye level and far away enough that you aren’t the only subject taking up the frame. If you need to add height, try stacking your computer on top of some books.

  • When it comes to adding décor to your backdrop, see our style guides below for inspiration. You should organize your belongings and curate your space, but don’t over-clutter — remember, less is more! 

Perfect! Now that we’re all experts on picking a location and setting our cameras up for success, here are four totally awesome and unique examples you can use to dress up your video call backdrop that’ll have your family members and coworkers thinking you hired a professional! (Don’t worry you can thank us, the professionals, later!)

Another quick pro tip: If you're not sure which style suits you best, take our Design Profile Quiz to find out! 

This style is for you if you're a fan of clean lines and simplicity! The key here is to stick to a simple color palette to keep things consistent; we chose black + white with touches of gold. Next, layer in a few décor pieces in varying heights and shapes, like these white vases and black marble sphere, to bring interest to your background. Add a touch of texture with this gilded tabletop sculpture and a geometric handmade wooden piece of art like this one. Light up your set with this patterned lamp (just remember, don't put it directly behind you). And no designed space is complete without a few greens. Place some faux palm sprigs in a planter to add a no-maintenance breath of freshness and class to your backdrop!

Do you like vibrant, turned up colors and playfulness in your surroundings? If your answer is yes then the Artistic + Whimsical style is for you! This style incorporates all the fun exaggerated whimsical details you love into a design that's professional enough for a work call. You can go with any color palette you like, as long as the colors are vibrant and coordinate well with each other! We started with this gorgeously abstract print from Anthropologie, and layered in fun coordinating décor like these decorative flamingoes and multicolored ceramic vases. Place a leafy faux tree just like this one off to the side of your frame and a patterned lamp (don't be afraid to go a little wild if you want!) like the one here. Top it off with a lightbox letter sign and a playful quote!

If you gravitate towards elegance and the charm of exploring the world, you're in the right place! Our Sophisticated + Worldly backdrop style encompasses just the right touches of rustic refinement for a leveled up look in all of your business and social meetings. Hang a piece of art with saturated tones of color like this landscape with a modern twist behind you, and style your shelves and surfaces with geometric wooden pieces like these, and sculptural terrarium greens like these, both reminiscent of lands abroad. As always, bring in freshness and life with a potted tree, we love this one's sophisticated feel. Add a stack of books to make your space feel smart and sophisticated, and complete the look with metal light fixtures like these with dark muted shades, to give your backdrop a tastefully refined feel.

Love a traditional look with a bit of personality, but still want to keep things modern and fresh? We know exactly what you mean! This Personalized + Transitional look is perfect for you. Show off your unique personality with a set of prints like this one, where each geode showcases its own natural patterns. Pop some of your favorite photos or prints into brass picture frames like these, and hang them up behind you too. Light your space with traditionally simple yet modern table lamps, like these. Bring the outdoors in with a potted cactus like this, and get truly personal with these metal initial letters! Bring in any other personal elements you'd like but don't overcrowd!

And there you have it! A few basic tips for setting up the best possible video calls, and four different styles you can use to dress up your backdrops like a pro! Let us know in the comments what you've done to style yours — we can’t wait to see!!

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As always, we appreciate any ideas, input, and feedback from our community and clients. So drop us a line in the comments below, chat with us on our Facebook page or email us at!

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