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Rendering You Speechless

When creating your space, one of the most important tools we have in our toolbox as interior designers is the power to help our clients visualize their completed space! But how do we do it? This is where renders (2D and 3D) come into the picture and expand our way of communicating thoughts and ideas to our clients!

Interior Design has reached a new level when it comes to design renders. We've always had 2D renders... you know, the kind you get from your town hall. A 2D floor plan gives clients a bird’s eye view of their space laid out, an easy and effective way to see space sizes and arrangement of your home. Joshua Allen Design creates 2D renders digitally for you, which is a standard for almost all of our design projects.

Now comes the good stuff- 3D renderings. By far, the most effective way we know how to help clients visualize their newly designed space is a 3D rendering. You've seen them on HGTV, the ones where you can walk through your space, and everything from furniture, colors, and lighting should be very similar (if not exact) to what you will see in your finished space!

So how do we get there? How do we create a 3D rendering? It's extremely detailed, and we begin with taking measurements and getting the precise layout of a space. We then source materials, color swatches, and items according to the plan we’ve discussed with our clients, always keeping a budget in mind. When we go to present a completed project, we show all the fabrics, colors, materials, and furniture! But, what really helps visualize the finished space is our 3D renders. Most of our clients opt to include the 3D render with their project, with 80% of them choosing to use the service! We experience huge success with 3D renders, because you get to see the space completed exactly how you want it before ever spending a dollar.

The 3D render allows us to virtually walk our clients through a space as we present it. It truly takes the guesswork out of visualizing a project, and it shows how we’ve planned a project to look. The presentation of a 3D render is so much more lifelike than a simple source list or a 2D plan, and this helps our clients to see the full picture of their project as it comes to life. The contractor working on their project also benefits, as 3D renders give them a completely clear picture of how the space will look, ensuring a seamless transfer of material from us to them!

A 3D render makes life easy for you; with renders, we are able to easily switch out any elements of the design project that need to be changed. This is especially convenient with big projects, if we want to change the placement of doorways, entryways, walls, or even staircases — but also works great for smaller projects. With a click of a button we’re able to swap out paint colors, furniture pieces, wall art, fabrics, and more — allowing you to see all the possibilities for a project and make totally informed choices!

For more information, check out our design process or to get in touch with our design team, contact us- we'd love talk about your next project!

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